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11 Plus tutor class in langley


Our 11+ classes are for students in Years 3-5 planning to sit the 11+ Grammar School entrance tests in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire or Surrey. We teach them in blocks of lessons, alternating between a block of verbal and non-verbal reasoning and a block of numerical reasoning (maths) and comprehension. In the final block of each course we teach all these subjects. 
Our tutors are highly experienced and have a comprehensive knowledge of the tests. They use engaging teaching methods and encourage lots of student participation. They teach the students how to answer the key question types and give them lots of timed question practice. Our classes are limited to 10 students and our tutors have assistants, who give our students individual support. 
We give our students weekly homework and regular progress tests, from which we feed back their areas of strength and areas for improvement. 
We run our 11+ classes in: 
Slough on Wednesday afternoons and Satuday mornings 
Windsor on Sunday mornings. 


We run our 11+ Revision Camps and Mock Exams in Slough during the Easter and Summer school holidays. Whilst they are primarily for Year 5 students, they are also useful for those in Years 3 and 4.  
As part of our revision camps our students do the questions from some of the actual tests set in the last 3 years. They also do timed practice of all the key question types that are likely to come up in their tests and revise the techniques for answering them quickly. 

YEAR 6 SATs CLASSES   We offer both advanced and standard level SATs preparation, for students performing above or at the expected national standard. Each lesson consists of an hour of English and an hour of maths.  In the run up to their SATs they practise the actual tests from the last 2 years under timed conditions.   We run our SATs classes in:  Slough on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings Windsor on Sunday mornings.   

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Our Key Stage 2 Maths classes are for students in Years 3-6. 
We teach them methods for answering questions, including how to approach worded maths problems. We emphasise the importance of them being fluent in their times tables and making best use of the maths they already know. 
We encourage them to be maths 'detectives' and look for 'clues' in questions. 
We run our Key Stage 2 Maths classes in:  
Slough on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings 
Windsor on Sunday mornings. 

KEY STAGE 3, GCSE & A LEVEL MATHS CLASSES   We teach for the 1st hour and support students in the 2nd hour with the topics and questions they want to do.  By helping them understand the topics they are currently studying or are about to study at school we help them get more out of their school maths lessons.  We run our Key Stage 3, GCSE & A level Maths classes in:  Ascot on Tuesday afternoons Slough on Saturday mornings Windsor on Saturday afternoons.  

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GCSE MATHS REVISION CAMP  We run our GCSE Maths Revision Camps during the Easter school holidays. Whilst they are primarily for Year 11 students, they are also useful for those in Years 9 and 10.   As part of our revision camps we show our students how to approach the tougher questions, as this has become even more important under the new 9-1 grading structure. We also predict the types of questions that are likely to come up in their GCSE exams.   


We offer one to one tuition all year round: 
for the 11+ to 13+ Grammar School entrance tests and Independent School common entrance and school specific exams in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey 
in English and maths for the Year 6 SATs 
in maths for ages 8 to 18.  

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11+, SATs and Maths  
Class : £245 per block of 7 lessons  
(2 hour lessons) 
11+ or GCSE Maths Revision Camp : £180 
11+ Mock Exams : £50  
One to One Tuition 
1 hour lesson : £245 per block 
2 hour lesson : £420 per block 
13 Plus private tutoring at langley tuition centre


As a thank you to parents whose recommendation results in a new student joining us, for at least one block of lessons, we reduce their child's next block of fees by £50. When they recommend us to a school, where we start a class, we pay them £50 for every student who joins us. 
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11 Plus Private Tutoring centre in Windsor


Private tutoring class at Windsor Tuition centre


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